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    <ul style="margin: 10px";>
        <li>Digital:</li> <ul style="margin: 10px";> 
        <li> Scala pays for uploads to iTunes, Spotify etc.</li>
        <li> Scala will handle the upload process (emailing,                  collecting, formatting etc).</li>
        <li> Scala takes 100% of all online revenue until the upload             expenses have been covered(about 200 DKK/35$). After that,             you get 90% of all sales.</li>
      <li> Scala will upload the release to            </li></ul> 
    <li>Tape:</li><ul style="margin: 10px";>
        <li>You and Scala each pay 50% of the expenses of a tape             release and each gets half of the tapes. If one party sells         their entire inventory, remainders can be bought from the other         party or we can do another run.</li>
        <li>From the tapes they sell, each party gets 100% of the             revenue.</li>
        <li>Scala will take care of ordering, printing J-Cards and             other miscellanea.</li>
        <li>We offer mastering at 100kr(15$) per track. </li>
        <li>Price of mix depends on the complexity of the project.</li>
      <li> Scala can design covers, J-cards, flyers, Facebook banners etc per agreement. </li> </ul><br /><br />

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<li>Scala hosts around 5 events a year. As part of Scala, you are invited to perform.</li>

<li>We try to help each other out with shows, either through warm up-gigs or as guests on the stage.</li>
</ul><br /><br />

Music Videos
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<li>Scala offers contact to several filmmakers willing to assist your project. This is handled privately between you and the filmmaker.</li>

<li>The product will be uploaded to Scala's youtube.</li>

<li> Some examples:,,</li>
</ul><br />

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Scala has a list of ~50 blogs and publications. We contact those who are relevant in regards to the release in question.